Things to Remember While Choosing a Nursing School

Choosing a nursing career is a wise decision. But there are many things to consider before choosing a school of nursing institutions because a school should be worth credible throughout the life time.
Things to check:
Things to Remember While Choosing a Nursing School

1. Find a right school:
Find a school that suits the qualification. Some schools will give credits based on the eligibility and core subjects (health science) that have taken in the previous schooling

2. Accreditation:
It is the main thing before choosing a nursing school. There are two types of accreditation. They are
i. regional accreditation and
ii. Organizational accreditation.
Regional Accreditation refers to the institution and Organizational accreditation refers particularly to the Nursing program. There are 2 types of Organizational accreditation. One is the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission (NLNAC) and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

The NLNAC recognize all kind of nursing programs where as CCNE accredits only undergraduate and postgraduate Nursing programs.
If the Nursing school is accredited only by the state then the employment opportunities and certificate licensing will also be limited. So make sure about the accreditations before choosing the school. Do not believe the "school is accredited" heard from someone or by friends.

3. NCLEX Passing rates:
To become a licensed Nurse students should pass the (National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX RN or PN). But the passing rates may vary based on the nursing school. Remember if the university looks into the passing rates of NCLEX exams then it is effective and produces quality nurses.
Try to get 85 to 90 percent passing rates and get into good school of nursing. During the last years the passing rates of these exams are considerably lower. This shows that training by students is not enough and students could not attend in popular and ranking schools. These passing rates can be checked by state board of Nursing

4. Clinical Training:
In addition to class room teaching, all Nursing schools provide clinical training in various clinical settings. This is not only meant for licensing but also for administration, understanding practical experiences, treatments etc. students should take it as an opportunity to involve with patients and to implement the theoretical knowledge into practice. If Nursing schools do not focus or give more importance to clinical training then the selected School of nursing is not credible

5. Financial Aid:
Studying in a School of nursing is expensive when room rents, tuition fee, insurance etc are taken into consideration. Usually private institutions fee are high when compared to public institutions. So keep in mind whether the selected school offers loan or scholarship to the students. Remember a loan should be repaid. Public institutions likely to have financial aid, grants, and work study

6. Credentials of Educator
It is very important thing to ask about the credentials of the educator's i.e. licensing and advanced degree (master or doctorate in nursing). Because a valid licensed educator can monitor and supervise in clinical rotations. Some School of nursing administrators hold only masters degree it is best to have doctorate in nursing.


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