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Who Cipto Junaedy ? We actually much familiar with the term " Cipto Junaedy PIONEER OF STRATEGY Buying Property Lots Without Debt " Man of the year even have to get a record muri world . The question again , we all want the name to have the house let alone dream house since the very first we dreamed about and hopes to materialize into reality . But whatever the power of the moon is like punguk missed a mediocre salary , let alone to make a home loan or daily needs also important to take precedence even perhaps completely mediocre . Some people work very hard to achieve their dreams we can call with the type of hard work a few more people choose to work smart and always looking for how to have a home without having to owe money , want to have a business property without having to borrow here and there ?

But is it possible we could buy a lot of property without debt ? In this article will be a lot of discussion about this because where there are good intentions there must be a way though sometimes the road is not always smooth because life should be sincere in order to get straight sustenance . Has many proven even hundreds of thousands of people have proven with extraordinary methods and very SPEKTA we are able to realize a dream or desire which we yearn to smart work therefore is not only hard work . But before far there is no proverb says not know it was love was love then there is love . Therefore, it would be much better our first acquaintance of Mr. Cipto Junaedy this figure .

Cipto Junaedy Vs Robert Kiyosaki , who is superior ? Junaedy Cipto thought deserved the attention of everyone . Author of the best -selling book " 6 Months Can Buy Property Cash ! No Money Without mortgage " has been explained about the property in front of more than 500,000 community . He and his strategy in the annexed property has been noted by various circles of society . The method is already breaking methods Kiyosaki and Dolf De Ross has been submitted to various groups such as : large entrepreneur , corporate director , famous artists , television presenters , journalists , military circles also the police, lawyers , religious leaders , doctors , cultural , housewife , students , retirees , small traders , also volunteer disaster victims , and many more . If you have not , then it is time for only Cipto Junaedy Giver Home Guide Quoted from a quote from the official facebook Cipto Junaedy explained that :

Bp . Cipto Junaedy is Practitioners , Nobel WORLD RECORD MURI ( MURI has the world record ) as PIONEER OF STRATEGY Buying Property Without Much Debt | Awards Recipients MAN OF THE YEAR 2011 from Central Java reporters Forum | GRAMEDIA Recognized as MEGA Bestseller | Printer THOUSANDS OF DEVELOPER Without Debt | Consistent BIGGEST since 2008 | every 42 days FREE oF HOUSE to those in need | have spoken in more than 800 thousand people , the Group Finance Director of PRS - PRS Tbk , Graduate of Interior with 2 predicate , ie Cum Laude and Graduates Example ; Indonesian men who BREAK THE CONCEPT OF GLOBAL DEBT Robert Kiyosaki and Dolf De Roos -based debt .

Cipto Junaedy Man Of The Year 2011 As we discussed and alluded to above that Cipto Junaedy was man of the year 2011 On December 23, 2011 at the Premier Hotel Santika Semarang , Mr. Cipto Junaedy received the award as Man of the Year 2011. Two years later , he also reap achievement . Observing originality , consistency , and pioneering Cipto Junaedy in the field of property ownership , MURI ( Indonesian Record Museum ) confers record him as " Author of the Pioneer Strategies Buying Property Many WITHOUT MONEY and NO DEBT . " Proved conclusively that he is the first Indonesian citizen who teach and spread the seed strategy , without the slightest trailing in opinion or existing approach on how to buy property .
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